Brake Fluid Filling & Bleeding Device

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  • 3-liter filling container with compression pump, pressure scale, drain valve and filling hose with quick-release coupling.
  • E-20 adapter
  • 1-liter collection container with drain hose, plug nipple and fastening chain.
  • Operating instructions
SKU: 21-414 Categories: ,

3-liter filling container
Fresh brake fluid automatically flows into the expansion tank when bleeding. This prevents the expansion tank from running dry, which would mean that the venting process would have to be completely repeated.

With manual pressure pump
There is no need for a second person to press the brake pedal while the brakes are being bled, as the required pressure is built up via the filling reservoir.

The manual pressure build-up means that an air compressor is not required for venting. You are therefore flexible in your choice
of the workplace, avoid compressor noise and save energy.

1-liter venting bottle
Sufficient for venting an entire vehicle without intermediate disposal.

E20 adaptor
Suitable for most vehicles with brake fluid reservoirs to European standard